Science Week 2017

We started our week with an interesting assembly called 'The Crunch'. During this assembly we learnt all about how the world is changing, and how humans are changing the planet. We all need to remember to look after this planet, as we have it on loan from God and we need to remember we are it's caretakers!

We were also very lucky to receive a visit from the science museum. We found out how to make bubbles and that bubbles only ever make sphere shapes, however big you make them! Also it is very difficult to make bubble animals! The scientist was also able to make bubbles big enough to fit children and teachers inside them.

Year Two

In Year 2 we have been learning all about non-Newtonian fluids, or Oobleck Slime. Oobleck slime looks like one thing (a liquid) but acts like another (a solid). Our investigations were messy but lots of fun. Look below to see some pictures of our investigations.

Class Saint John Paul

Saint Anthony and Saint Anne


During science week we made some Oobleck slime by mixing cornflour and water. It's a weird slimy concoction that acts like a liquid but behaves like a solid when you hit it! We enjoyed making balls with the mixture and seeing how it became runny again when we stopped rolling it around in our hands. Some of the children tried to add more water to make it more runny when it had started to dry out.

Changing colour

This activity encourages the children to investigate and explore, whilst thinking about colours and the changes that occur when you mix them together. The children squirted two different coloured paints into a zip lock bag and then used there hands to mix the paint around and see what colours they made.