Nursery 2017-2018

Saint Anthony AM Nursery

Saint Anne PM Nursery

Prayer in Nursery! 

Every day the children practice blessing themselves while doing the sign of the cross. They have become very respectful, and they are learning the importance of participating in our daily prayers! The teachers pray for the Nursery children  daily! We are so proud of our Nursery family! 

Orange slime

We made slime by mixing cornflour, water and paint powder. It's a weird slimy concoction that acts like a liquid but behaves like a solid when you mix it with the wooden spoons.  We explored the mixture using wooden spoons,  and the children enjoyed pretending they were making pumpkin soup. 

Hand prints 

Then children painted their hands to make handprints. We helped the children to cut their handprints out to add to the display in the school Hall. We made a beautiful display that celebrates how God helps us grow. 


The children love singing the nursery song 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive, so we made fish out of collage paper and stamped the fish with numbers! The fish are currently "swimming" around our art area! The fish are so beautiful and colourful, and they inspire the children to breakout in song and practice the numbers 1-5! 

Musical instruments

The children have really enjoyed using musical instruments to sing songs and perform concerts on our stage. They have become very outgoing and comfortable with their classmates! Their performances are loved by all students and teachers! 

Mark making

The Nursery children enjoy finding lots of different ways to practice their mark making, including using carrots to draw, water to make marks on blackboards and drawing using typical writing materials. 


 Here in Nursery the children are enjoying using the interactive whiteboard! They have been eager to have a turn drawing on the interactive whiteboard using the program Busy Things or counting apples on the apple tree while singing the song Way Up High in the Apple Tree! They are practicing their mark making skills and their maths skills while using technology! 


 Nursery is practicing counting 1:1 number up to 5! The children are singing lots of songs that help them to remember the numbers, and they are provided many diverse objects to help inspire counting. The children are also learning how to recognise and write numerals! Well done Nursery - you have shown so much progress!