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St Joseph's Catholic Infant School

We Follow Christ's Footsteps in Love

Year Two 

Saint Angela and Saint Christopher

World Book Week 

To begin world book week, we paired up with Year 6 to share some of our favorite books and read together.

It was fun having the older children down in infants.

World Book Day

For World Book Day we choose one of our favourite books from home to bring into school and we got to wear our cosy pyjamas!

During the day, we got a special delivery. We unwrapped the special delivery and it was a book called Journey. We were very excited to read this book because it was wordless and we had to tell the story using only the pictures. How cool! 


This term our topic was 'Can Buildings Speak?'

We looked at lots of different buildings and compared the similarities and differences between patterns, shapes, colours and purpose. We designed and then created our own mural based on our school and we thought about shape, patterns, designs and colour.

We loved using clay and had even more fun painting it afterwards!


We have started learning how to play recorders in music - we are really excited to learn some notes and eventually learn songs!

Year 2 Maths Lesson Together Jan 2020

Thank you to every one who attended this event. Below are some photos from the day, and the lesson for you to have another look at. Please feel free to print it if you wish to try the questions again with your child at home. Many thanks for coming again, the children said they really enjoyed learning maths with their parents!


Year 2 Reading Workshop 2019

Year 2 Structures Autumn 2019 Design and Technology

Famous London Landmarks

Year 1 and 2 Maths Challenge 2019


Peace at Last

Opera Up Close

Saint Angela and Saint Christopher were lucky enough to see an opera in school this week. The year group has been studying the text 'Peace at Last' by Jill Murphy. Opera up close is a company which brings opera performances to schools and collages. We were very lucky to share this experience with our children. 

Mr Bear can’t sleep. Mrs Bear is snoring. So he goes to sleep in Baby Bear’s room. But Baby Bear is pretending to be an aeroplane. So he goes to sleep in the living room…