Year One


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Kew Gardens May 2019 Year 1

Saint Teresa Class Assembly A Sacramental People

Moving pictures

As part of our design and technology this term we have been making moving pictures. We used a wooden lever to help our rockets fly into space. 

Science- Changing Materials

For our big question this term, St Teresa class wondered- which liquid would freeze first? We checked our liquids every 20 mins and found out the milk and orange juice froze first and vegetable oil had not even frozen a little bit by the end of the day.


As part of our Maths learning this term we have been looking at money and sorting it in to their different amounts. We also were adding money amounts together and even finding change. 

Hindi dancing

We were lucky enough to have a teacher come and teach us some different moves. It was so much fun and enjoyed by all. 

Parents workshop November 2018 Phonics

Anti- bullying

Blue Friday.

The children made a great effort to dress up in blue clothes for anti bullying week. They really thought about how it can feel if people are being bullied and how we could stop it happening to us and our friends.  


We have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes. We have been investigating their different properties and sorting the shapes. 


We were lucky enough to go to visit the library. The librarian, Wendy, read us some books and talk about how we can visit the library and borrow up to 12 books! We were even allowed to borrow a book on that day.

Train Ride

We were sequencing the story of the Train Ride. We used different puppets to help us act out the story and make sure we got it in the right order.