Year Two 2018- 2019

Saint Angela and Saint Christopher

Saint Angela (Class 6) Assembly 29th November 2018

God of hope, who brought love into this world, be the love that dwells between us.

God of hope, who brought peace into this world, be the peace that dwells between us.

God of hope, who brought joy into this world, be the joy that dwells between us.

God of hope, the rock we stand upon, be the centre, the focus of our lives always, and particularly

Saint Christopher (Class 7) Assembly 11th October 2018

God who is bigger than all we can imagine or say.

Help us to see you in our world; in the beauty of the natural world, in the traditions of our Church, in the stories of Scripture and in the people around us.

May we remember that, created in your image, we are like you and we show others what you are like.

We ask this through Jesus who took on human to show us your great love,


Parental Workshop - Reading Year 2

Year 2 Library Visit 

On Monday we went to visit Brent Library. We had so much fun! Ms. Fiona, the librarian, read us a very funny book called "DO NOT OPEN THIS BOOK" by Andy Lee. Afterwards, we got to explore the library and we picked some books to bring back to school!

Our Wembley Stadium Structures Autumn 2018

 Our topic this term in Art has been structures. We were lucky enough to have  Jeremy King come to the school to help us create our very own 3D structures of Wembley Stadium. We had so much fun working as a team using rolled up newspapers to create our structures. We got an insight into the life of an engineer. We used coordination and communication skills, we learned about the importance of shape and we got very creative. 

Saint Christopher Assembly Autumn 2018

In October, our parents, teachers and classmates came to watch us share what we have been learning about in RE. We told everybody about the story of Moses and the Burning Bush and sang songs about God. Everyone congratulated us on our fantastic effort!


Hindu Dance Autumn 2018

During our week celebrating the religion; Hinduism, we got to take part in a workshop learning all about Hindu dance. Here are some pictures of us enjoying our dance lesson and learning different movements.

Our Local Area - Autumn 2018

As part of our geography topic we have been exploring our local area. We went on a walk around Wembley and observed all the things in our area. We talked about changes to the local environment and shared what we liked about the place we live in!