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Nursery and Reception: What would you miss if you had to leave home like the evacuees did?

Years 1 and 2: Poems, Home is... 

By Aven


Home sweet home more precious than Paris or Rome.

If we even go to the moon there is no place like home.

Home is a wonderful place we always reach there after every race.

Home is a palace with a well maintained balance.

Home is where money doesn't matter when family happily chatter.

Home is where blessings bestow and gods creatures laugh with joy.

By Jonty


Home is nice

Home I like

Home is warm

Home is comfy

By Amanda

By Alzira


Home is tv

Home is sweets

Home is my family

Home is in Philippines

Home is internet

Home is sleep

Home is my bed

Home is my dog[Sherlock]

Home is home

By Ana

By Deborah

Home is a place where I relex

Home is a place where there is peace

Home is a place where I stay

Home is my favourite place

Home is where I am safe

Home is where my family comes together prays together and eat together

Home is a place where my day starts and ends


Home is my sweet palace which God gives me

By Delisha

By Eugene

By Ethan

By Nicolas

Home is sweet,

Home is safe,

Home is warm,

Home is my everything,

Home is the best place to live,

Home is strong.

By Nishane

By Jessica

Home is……where my family are

Home is …...where my bed is

Home is …...where daddy brings me for football in the garden

Home is ……where I play

Home is ……where my mommy cooks me my favourite dinner

By Darragh

By Avilon

By Diya

Home is special

Home is nice

Home is safe 

Home is beautiful 

Home is my favourite place

By Jayden

Home is...

Home is where I feel safe, I am happy, smart and brave!

 Home is where I’m not alone, I am never on my own!

 Home is where I have fun, I can always play with anyone!

 Home is where I feel warm, I feel cosy in my dorm!

By Lily

Home is feeling my family’s love 

Home is playing with my favourite toys

Home is bringing laughter and joys. 

Home is enjoying cycling with dad

And after a long day, mum’s cooking always makes me glad

Home is fun family movie nights

And having stupid, silly, little fights. 

I love my home

Without it I would be so alone 

That is why I would never trade it for anything, not even Rome!

By Zaneta

Home is a safe place.

Home is warm and comfortable.

Home is where I get love and peace.

Home is a lovely place.

Home is somewhere you want to be.

By Siobhan

By Oscar

By Benedito

HOME is a dwelling place,

HOME is a peaceful  place,

HOME is a place where we are safe,

HOME is our shelter,

HOME is a place where we share joy and happiness,

HOME is a place for warmth,

HOME is a place where we live and spend our entire lives,

There is nothing like HOME.

By Keyon

By Caris

By Blaise

By Heidi

By Raphael

By Leya

Home is fun,

Home is excellent,

Home is my special place,

Home is where I feel safe,

Home is where I always come back to,

Home is my mum, dad and my little brother.

I love my home,

It is the best.

By Antoni

By Kezia

 Remembrance poem

Remember the 11th november.

Every soldier died in war.

Magers died in war

End of world war 1

Marines also died

Bomber planes 


Also remember the soldiers that died for us

Never forget them

Come and buy poppies to raise money for the soldiers that died in flanders field.

Every time it is on the 11th day on the 11th month we remember

the soldiers that died in war and be in silence for 2 minutes.

By Rebecca

By Chris